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 U.S. phone # 1-512-207-0505

Foreigners' Rights to Purchase Apartments. Steps you need to know if you want to buy Ukraine Real Estate.
04 May 2024

 Ukraine Real Estate: Foreigners' Rights to Purchase Apartment.

According to Ukrainian legislation, foreigners have the right to buy any apartment in Ukraine on the primary or secondary market.


(Primary market - new buildings that are not yet owned. Secondary market - those apartments or houses that already have ownership rights registered, meaning they have an owner.)


1. Important tips to buy Ukraine real estate. Documents required for foreigners when buying an apartment:


  • a valid passport it is the first main thing you need to rememed planning to buy Ukraine real estate

  • notarized passport translation in Ukraine

  • in case he/she is married, a marriage certificate and its notarized translation is required, this document is not required for single person

  • notarized written consent of the husband/wife, only for married person, it is not required for single person

  • Individual Tax Identification Number - taxpayer identification card (ITIN is issued based on an application to the tax office within a week. To do this, you need to have your passport, passport translation, tax number in the country of foreign citizenship (if available), exact transcription of the foreigner's surname and name in Ukrainian, and registration certificate).



2. Documentation to be provided by the seller:


  • `a valid passport and individual tax identification number

  • legal documents for an apartment

  • Property Inventory and Registration Authority‚Äôs Certificate, if the property right to the apartment is registered before 2013

  • the technical passport of the apartment

  • a certificate of registered residents in the apartment

  • a statement from the state register of real estate rights

  • in case there is a minor child among the owners of the living space, the child's birth certificate and its copy, as well as the written permission of the guardianship authority (original and copy) must be added to the package of documents

  • minor children who are not the owners of the apartment must be discharged from the apartment before the conclusion of the sales contract together with the mother or together with the father, with the written consent of one of the parents, and immediately register at a new address

  • a statement about the absence of arrears of utility payments

  • if the apartment is mortgaged, consent from the bank for the sale of the apartment is required

  • if the apartment was purchased in marriage, it is necessary to have a written, notarized consent of the husband or wife, in case of divorce - a court decision on the distribution of property or the consent of the ex-wife or husband, the widower or widower must have a death certificate of the husband/wife and a certificate of inheritance

  • in case a co-owner of the apartment is a person with limited legal capacity or incapacitated, a court decision on recognition of incapacity and appointment of a guardian, as well as decisions of guardianship and custody authorities are required

  • if the owner or co-owner of the apartment cannot be present at the purchase and sale agreement, the authorized person must provide a written, notarized power of attorney.  



3. Steps required for foreigners to buy an apartment in Ukraine:


  • choose an apartment at Ukraine real estate market

  • determine the reliability of the agreement, check the documents for the apartment by contacting a lawyer

  • make a reservation of an apartment for purchase by issuing a deposit

  • open a bank account

  • sign the sale and purchase agreement with a notary and make the payment.




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